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We design, build and scale
e-commerce solutions

We combine creative, business and technological skills.Thanks to this,we are able to offer comprehensive support for product creation and development, market launch and the deployment of effective solutions that enable scaling online sales.

Build & scale

We build and scale modern DTC brands, helping to make them successful from the very beginning.

Create experiences

We help to maximize revenues by creating engaging and attractive shopping experiences.


We provide comprehensive support fore-commerce projects, from coming up with ideas to complete marketing and operational service.

End-to-end ecommerce solution

We provide comprehensive support to the creation and scaling of e-commerce businesses.





Idea for a product or business

We also support our partners at the stage of creating ideas for e-commerce businesses, products or services.

Business strategy

We help formulate effective business strategies that enable start-ups as well as mature brands to generate successful e-commerce sales.

  • Brand development strategy and brand design
  • Comunication strategy
  • E-commerce strategy


From design to full deployment.

  • We design store platforms (web design/UX) – the creation and production of video and photo content
  • Activation and promotion plans

Scaling and development

We provide ongoing support to our partners in growing their businesses.

  • Geographic expansion
  • Media performance
  • Growth strategies: marketplaces, affiliations, cooperation and activities with partners – brand curation
  • Customer loyalty and LTV growth
Brands we’re growing

We created the brand and e-commerce success of the John Dog brand of pet products, having worked on it from the very beginning, in every area of its marketing activity.

increase in the number of sessions

growth in conversions

ROAS over


A health food brand that we support in its online communication and sales via a store, marketplaces and the creation of video content for the brand’s website and social media. We are currently working together on three European markets.

increase in the number of sessions

growth in conversions [2017-21]

CAGR [2018-21]


A global brand of children and parents products that we have been co-creating for a couple of years and broadly support in marketing activities. We run e-commerce sales on 6 international markets. We reinforce the sales through concept as well as photo and  video content production in 11 languages, social media management and wide media support. Kinderkraft products are currently known in 67 countries worldwide.

increase in the number of sessions

increase in the number of sales transactions [2021-2022]

revenue growth [2021-2022]


Everything you need to build and scale an effective e-commerce business.


E-commerce strategy & audits

  • E-commerce strategy and activation plans
  • Conversion audit and optimization
  • SEO audit
  • UX and usefulness audit


Store traffic & media perfomace

  • Reach, product, sales and remarketing campaigns
  • PPC, Google, FB, IG, TikTok ADs, CRITEO



  • Positioning and link building
  • Technical optimization, UX
  • Creation of content for SEO needs


Marketplace content

  • Designing templates for Allegro, Amazon, Empik, Eeli and eBay
  • Production of content for e-commerce platforms
  • Managing listings and promotions


Content marketing

  • Webwritting i copywriting
  • Photo (packshot, beauty shot, lifestyle photos)
  • Video (demo, functional, beauty, how-to)


LIVE Commerce

  • Presentations of company values and offers
  • Live shopping, livechats (video)
  • Live sales presentations (video)


Marketing automation

  • Designing scenarios
  • Store integration with MA systems
  • Creation and production of content for MA


Online store development

  • Selection of e-commerce platforms
  • UX design and web design
  • Creation and production of content for the WWW


Promo activations

  • Promo campaign concepts
  • Recommendations for proven promo mechanisms
  • Planning and deployment, calendar